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Panama City, Panama

Welcome to the new center of the world! A second lane to the canal, new hotels like Hard Rock/Waldorf/Hyatt/Westin/Hilton, and twice as many skyscrapers as Miami! That's just the beginning. Go from the Pacific to the Caribbean in little more then 1 hour. Panama has more bird species than any other country. Hundreds of South Pacific like islands such as Isla Escudo de veraguas featured on Planet Earth 2. The most coveted and expensive coffee in the world; volcanic hot springs, beautiful coastlines and virgin Pacific surfing await you. Oh yeah, for all you anglers around the world the translation of the word Panama in the native language means abundance of fish.


Rio de Janeiro

The 2 most famous beaches in the world are here. The Disney rendition shows some of the sites, but not nearly enough of the love that draws millions of tourist here year after year. It is no longer dangerous like the outdated reviews from the 80's and 90's. Brazil has been called the country of the future by many for numerous reasons. Visit once and you will clearly see why this place was home the World Cup in 2014 and Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Sambadrome anyone?



Barcelona contiues to thrive as one of the hottest European destinations. Airfare to Barcelona is easy on the pocket book from most places in the world. This city is filled with some of the best architecture in all of Europe including the Sagrada Familia church. Its also a former host city of the Olympics. It has excellent cuisine, shopping, and a night life that will make all those close to you wish they were there with you. Viva Las Ramblas!


Nassau, Bahamas

You probably know this destination from the world famous Atlantis hotel. We will show you that and everything else that makes the Bahamas the most popular place to experience the Caribbean Islands. The water is amazing, the lifestyle is laid back, and those who have been here ache to return. You will go home with a smile even if it is your very first vacation ever. Don't forget to go swimming with the pigs!



The name says it all. This is one of the few remaining safe destinations in all of Mexico. Spring break, graduation, honeymoon, Christmas all bring smiles in Cancun. Its economical, and has everything you want or need. Let us show you the thriving Yucatan Peninsula the way it should be seen!



Once in a rare while you come across an opportunistic place new to tourism and so special that the entire area needs to be shared! Right now Colombia offers an attractive exchange rate, world leading innovation, beautiful people, zip lines, 80% of the flowers in the USA, historic sites (older than Machu Picchu), Caribbean and Pacific beaches, mountain fincas, and more!


Voy a Colombia todo! Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Guatape y mas! Todo se quiere! Como tu quiere! Estamos listos para hacer sus suenos reailidad!


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